Frontier Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: October 13, 2022

frontier airlines aircraftThe Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) was created with the best of intentions: to enable people with debilitating mental illness or emotional condition to be allowed to travel with their Emotional Support Animal (ESA) free of charge! Sadly, there are plenty of people abusing this system to get a free ticket for their pets, and fraudsters scamming people into paying good money for fake ESA letters that won’t get their animals onto planes!

The rise in cases of fraud and incidents involving passengers and animals on planes has forced airlines to tighten their policy that allows ESAs on flights! These changes make it harder for people to abuse the system, and will hopefully, restore the honor and reputation of emotional support dogs and cats who are doing an amazing job of helping their humans navigate life.

Frontier Airlines has joined suit with other airlines and have changed their ESA policy.

Prepare for Liftoff with CertaPet’s Frontier Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet!

There is no “between the lines” or “gray area” with the new policy. Make sure you check every point. The fact sheet tells you the airline’s rules and regulations regarding the required documentation, breed restrictions, the rules about an ESAs behavior, as well as the protocol for an ESA once it enters the cabin.

The new Frontier ESA Policy is aimed at making flights safer for ALL passengers

frontier airlines esa travel letter fact sheet

If you want to travel with your pet: buy them a ticket (courtesy of Frontier Pet Policy). Check them into cargo. But if you want to fly with your emotional support cat or dog, make sure you read this sheet very, very well and check every box! You have every right to travel with your ESA, but the airline has every right to enforce its new policy!

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