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How Can I Get An ESA Letter Consultation?

 One-in-four Americans suffer from a mental and/or emotional disability and of that, only a small fraction will ever seek help.

Worse yet, more than 34% of Americans who do seek counseling for mental health issues experience barriers that make it either difficult or impossible to get the care they need.

At CertaPet, we’re dedicated to connecting you to a licensed mental health professional in order for you to get the help you deserve without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Fast and confidential, our goal is to improve the quality of life for the millions of Americans who may have no other options for care.

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Peter S.

Verified Purchaser

"Easy from beginning to end. Everything was made so simple and taken care of in such a timely manner. The consultation was quick and easy. Very Impressed!"

Julia S.

Verified Purchaser

" Highly recommend! Our letter arrived quickly and was approved by our airline. The customer service is amazing and the whole process was stress-less. Thanks CertaPet!"

YotPo reviews

User-Friendly and Affordable.

"A very user-friendly process, affordable for my situation, and the therapist I spoke to through the process was very understanding.

Savannah O.

ESA Owner and Proud Pet Parent


Amazing and Thorough Process.

"Amazing and thorough service all questions were answered with two factors. First, confidentiality. We ALL want that. Second, positive turnover, meaning quick and efficient. Certapet understands the needs and senses the urgency for patients seeking animal therapy. Highly recommend.

Peter Strauss

Confirmed CertaPet customer and ESA Owner


Life Changing!

"CertaPet has changed my life. My anxiety made taking flights near impossible. Now that I can bring my dog Bear, I am able to calm down and focus on him rather than my anxiety. I has reduced my panic attacks, and I look forward to traveling now. All airlines have been understanding and my landlord contacted my CertaPet therapist, she was able to speak to him and go over my diagnosis/necessary accommodations. SO thankful for CertaPet!

Leah G.

ESA Owner and Furever Family to Bear


Getting an Emotional Support Animal and starting your mental health journey doesn’t have to be hard.

See if you may be a good candidate today by taking our FREE 5 minute pre-screening.

People Love CertaPet 

Getting to fly and/or live with your emotional support animal makes all the difference when it comes down to your mental health. At CertaPet, we understand your need and our goal is to help you get connected with our LMHPs in order to receive the right care you deserve.

They say

Because of CertaPet, I was able to bring my fur-babies back from Guam. Thank you CertaPet! 

Makayls D.

From LA to NY, flying will never be the same . So thankful for CertaPet that now Kobi can travel with me anytime.

Giancarlo C.

This is my loving and oh so cuddly Jack Jack. He has become my partner in crime thanks to CertaPet!

Bethany K.

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