Alaska Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: December 20, 2023


The Air Carrier Access Act was written with the best of intentions: to allow people with a disability to travel with their Service or Emotional Support Animal, without an added fee. Sadly what followed was an unending stream of people abusing this system to bring get their pets, ranging from dangerous reptiles to exotic birds on a plane with them.

We have put together a fact sheet which outlines Alaska Airline’s updated ESA policy. If you are planning on traveling with your ESA, make sure you read the fine print on this fact sheet, because the policy is not what it was a year ago.

**Please note, as of January 11, 2021, under new regulations passed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the allowance of Emotional Support Animals onboard flights may vary from airline to airline. Please contact your airline of choice for their most up-to-date policies on Emotional Support Animals.

Make Sure You Have Everything to Fly with CertaPet’s Alaska Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet!

It is hardly surprising that airlines across the US have updated their policy which allows people to travel with their ESA. The new airline policy takes extra precaution when it comes to those who want to abuse the system, but also means people who do have disabilities, and do need to travel with their ESA, need to do their homework and research the new policy of an individual airline.

The factsheet will give important information such as what animals the airline allows on their flights, the documents required, such as your ESA letter, as well as what the protocol is for when your emotional support dog or emotional support cat enters the cabin!

Even if you are traveling with a pet on Alaska Airlines, you still need to follow the right animal behavior and know your restrictions as a pet owner.


The airline is trying to make flights safer and more comfortable for ALL passengers, while still making provisions for people who really need an ESA in order to travel.

People with mental illnesses or conditions such as obsessive control disorder, anxiety or even personality disorder have every right to get on a plane with their ESA, and the airline is simply trying making sure that those are the people who get to travel with their animals!

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