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By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: September 15, 2021

Pet airways offers a pet-friendly air travel experience

Are you planning to travel with your pet? If so, you’ve probably already found info about Pet Airways. As pet owners, we always want what’s best for our four-legged friends. When it comes to getting on a plane, it is essential to consider Pet Airways and other pet-friendly airlines to guarantee the safe and comfortable transportation of our cats and dogs around the globe.

Pet Airways: All About this Pet Transport Service

Being able to travel in the main cabin with our cuddly babies is every pet owner’s dream. That is why Pet Airways offers a service exclusively focused on the transportation of household pets. They even call them Pawsengers (how cute is that)! Onboard a Pet Airways aircraft, animals are always cared for by flight attendants fully prepared to provide all the pet passengers the tender, loving care they deserve.

What You Need to Know About Flying with a Dog

Traveling with pets is more accessible nowadays. However, it is essential to investigate the requirements of Pet Airways and other airlines so that our beloved pups or kitties can fly safely. Preparing your pet, having its papers and permits up to date, and possibly training it to stay inside a kennel are some of the preparations that every pet owner should go through before the trip.

Most airlines allow small pets, whose carrier can go under a seat, to travel with you in the main cabin. On the other hand, according to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), if you have an ESA letter for your pet, it can fly with you in the cabin, usually free of charge. This depends on Fido behaving like a good dog during the entire trip.

Flying with a Large Dog

As we mentioned earlier, medium, large, and giant dog sizes usually travel in cargo. This is because delays and scales can pose a threat to our doggie’s physical and emotional health. And let’s face it… For our health too.

That’s why initiatives like Pet Airways are so valuable and important. Sometimes we have no choice but to put our pet on a cargo flight. However, every pet owner that has seen their cats and dogs run away in horror by a firework explosion doesn’t want to imagine the anxiety they will feel when listening to the airplane’s engines starting up.

Husky puppy and fluffy kitty ready for take off on their Pet Airways flight

Dogs on Planes! How to Ship a Dog

Each airline requests different requirements and rates for traveling with pets. These details should be thoroughly checked weeks before boarding to avoid last-minute surprises. Also, for international trips, each country establishes guidelines and health inspections to “export” pets.

Pet Shipping: What Kind of Documentation Do You Need?

The documents to travel with your pet, especially for traveling internationally, are usually the same:

  • rabies and vaccinations,
  • certificate of veterinary inspection,
  • and in some cases an acclimation certificate.

This last document protects your pet from suffering a heat shock or a drastic temperature change. Some Airways and countries may require additional documentation.

Airline Carriers Access Act

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), states that every passenger must have the same access to air transportation, especially regarding passengers with disabilities. The ACAA also considers psychological needs.

Therefore, pets that play a fundamental role in the passenger’s mental health have the opportunity to travel with them. To do so, the pet owners must submit an ESA letter issued by a licensed medical professional that guarantees their pet provides relief to their symptoms.

Crate Training

Have you already booked a ticket with Pet Airways? Well, the next step is crate training. Although in Pet Airways all dogs and cats travel in the main cabin, with bathroom breaks and pet lounge included, crate training is always essential. Not only will you make life easier for Pet Airways’ flight attendants, but it can also help your pet feel less anxious during the flight. Crate training is very easy. Most dogs love a safe and comfortable refuge.

Pets are safest and most comfortable travelling in a crate or carrier that they are very familiar with

Steps to Crate Train your Dog:

  • Start by placing the crate open in an accessible place for your pet.
  • Place some treats or dog toys inside the crate to lure your pup in.
  • Let them enter the become accustomed to the crate in their own time.
  • Serve your pup’s food inside the crate.
  • You can also place a shirt or blanket that smells like you inside the crate.
  • Help your pet feel comfortable inside the crate little by little and, before you know it, he will be sleeping peacefully inside the crate.
  • Now your pooch is ready to fly with Pet Airways!

Dog Breeds Not Suitable for Flying

Unfortunately, there are dog and cat breeds that can’t fly in cargo. For various reasons, their bodies would not handle it well. The snub-nosed, or brachycephalic, breeds are prone to respiratory and cardiac difficulties on the ground, and these symptoms would only be exacerbated in-flight. Some of these breeds are:

However, all is not lost. There are options like Pet Airways, where your furry friend can travel in first class with flight attendants taking care of it all the way back home.

Cat looking through the window, enjoying a Pet Airways flight

5 Pet-Friendly Airlines

Pet Airways is a pioneer in air transport designed exclusively for your pet. Nevertheless, there are several Pet Airways alternatives for pet travel we can consider. There are at least 20 airlines that provide cabin or cargo transportation for pets. Better yet, companies that work according to the ACAA. in addition to Pet Airways, us pet owners can count on:

1. American Airlines

2. Air Canada

3. Air France

4. Open Skies (British Airways)

5. Copa Airlines

How Much Does it Cost to Fly A Dog?

From $ 30 to $ 200, the final price of flying with your pet in the main cabin or cargo is established by each airline. If your dog must fly in cargo, add the cost of the crate in case you still do not own one. Remember that there are special considerations for pet owner passengers with ESA letters. On the other hand, there are specialized services like Pet Airways, whose dedication and exclusivity are worth every penny.

4 Things to Think About Before Fido’s First Flight

  1. Bathroom Breaks: For one-way cargo flights, it is recommended that your pet have a last bathroom break just before boarding. That is, obviously, to prevent a code brown from happening during the flight.
  2. Hydration: Remember that airplanes tend to dry our skin and airways.
  3. Frequent Traveler: Dogs and cats tend to feel safer in situations with which they are familiar. Sure, you don’t need to fly across the country every month, but teach them to feel comfortable in their crates. When the time comes for traveling, they will thank you.
  4. One in a million: Flying is not for puppies or senior dogs. It’s too much for their bodies to handle. Likewise, if your dog has a health condition, it is better to avoid potential risks associated with air travel. Remember, they cannot communicate; they need you to speak for them.

Have a Safe Flight:

Everything’s packed! You’ve visited the vet; all their papers are up to date. You’ve booked a first-class ticket on Pet Airways, now… What’s next? Enjoying a well-deserved vacation with your most loyal companion by your side. Take a lot of pictures! Don’t forget to tag us!

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