Alaska Airlines Takes Flight with Stricter ESA Policies!

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By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: December 20, 2023

Alaska Airlines cracks down on their Emotional Support Animal policy and joins Delta and United Airlines to make stricter rules for passengers traveling with an ESA.

For those who truly benefit from an Emotional Support Animal, this is great news and will lead to safer flights for you and the passengers onboard!

Alaska Airlines ESA Traveling Update 2018

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, Alaska Airlines announced some new changes for flyers with Emotional Support Animals. Going into full effect on May 1st, passengers with ESAs will need their:

  1. ESA Letter (currently required)
  2. Veterinary Health Form
  3. Signed Testament to the Animal’s Behavior

All of these documents will need to be on hand with the owner once they arrive at the airport. If they do not notify the airline 48 hours prior to their flight then they may not receive the right to travel under the ESA rules but rather than the current policy for all pets.

Like Delta and United, Alaska Airlines first concern is for the passengers’ safety. With these new required forms, Emotional Support Animals will be held more accountable and eliminate ones who cause disturbance or worse, violence.

The director of customer advocacy for Alaska Airlines, Ray Prentice, comments on reasons for this choice. “We are making these changes now based on a number of recent incidents where the inappropriate behavior of Emotional Support Animals has impacted and even injured our employees, other guests and service animals.”

With a report of at least 150 psychiatric service and Emotional Support Animals that travel daily on Alaska, it is unacceptable for any Assistance Animal to act poorly and/or cause harm to others onboard.

Why CertaPet is in Full Support of Alaska Airlines

We at CertaPet continue to encourage all airlines to adopt these new policies so Emotional Support Animals are further legitimized and provide the support and comfort for their owner in the air as well as on the ground.

Please contact or reach out to us for further questions about this new policy or go to our guide on ESAs and how to get in contact with an LHMP!

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  • Hi, I got an emotional support form a few months ago but now Alaska airline requires their own form, is there any way I can pay extra and get it another one within Alaska airline form?

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